Primary School

Basic education in National curriculum provides a vital role for the students in the formation of their values, skills, interest and talents in preparation for the secondary education. We also use the International curriculum consisting of 5 essential elements developed to ensure students are engaged in a holistic programme that nurtures, challenges and supports all aspects of learning. The essential elements include:


 1. Attitudes   2. Knowledge   3. Skills  4. Concepts   5.Action

It promotes learning through inquiry; by developing and asking questions structured around key concepts, students research answers, pose and solve problems and engage in meaningful learning experiences that promote the acquisition of knowledge. This is also supports the development of a wide range of skills as an essential part of the curriculum, enabling students to be effective life-long learners and succeed in a challenging world. Positive attitudes towards learning, the environment and the people around us are viewed as being essential to student success in an ever changing world. Taking action offers children the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world.