Kindergarten BoysEarly childhood marks a time of significant growth and learning. The experiences of children at this time have a powerful effect on their future development. At Sekolah Kallista, the emphasis behind all

our teaching and interaction is on building foundations for the future growth of the child through inquiry-based learning. We help our students acquire skills and knowledge that will benefit their development and also aim to install a positive attitude towards learning. Children are actively engaged with their  environment through exploration, playing , interactive learning and investigations that the students often initiate themselves.

IMG_6200Sekolah Kallista Curriculum  designs to provide children in Early Years with educational experiences that will help them develop a positive approach to learning. By creating a learning environment where children feel at home, they will be more willing to explore new concepts and ideas. Self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others are encouraged. Classroom walls are covered with displays of children’s art and craft, as well as language-based information to help them develop literacy skills. Displays of educational material related to topics being studied and an ever-changing role-play area helps further stimulate their enthusiasm. Encourages children to see learning as both enjoyable and meaningful to the real world we live in. We focus on developing the child as a complete global citizen through shaping their character, social,  physical, intellectual and emotional learning. The School’s programme has a strong emphasis on language development and opportunities for thinking, problem-solving, self-expression and discovery.