General Information

Admission standards:

Kallista School has deserves the right to deny admission or continued attendance to any students not meeting the academic and non academic requirements of the school or demonstrating a lack of willingness to meet the code of conduct of the school


Any school announcements will be sent home via students, if parents wan the announcement faxed or emailed to them, please request it at the office

Change of address/telephone number:

It is essential that students notify the office at once of any changes. In case of emergency the school must be able to contact the home immediately

Closed campus:

Kallista School operates on the basis of a closed campus. Permission is always required when leaving the campus. This requirement is observed daily from arrival on campus until the end of school activities. Students who wish to leave early must make arrangements with the principal or teacher. The closed campus policy includes that students may not bring visitors to the school, unless there is prior notice or permission from the principal


The canteen is available to serve lunch, drinks and snacks on a cash basis. Students are expected to buy their own dishes and dispose their own litter in the trash bin.

Counseling service:

Counseling is available to help students make plans and decissions. If problems occur, the counselor will also call parents if necessary.


There is onlyone general rule at Kallista School and that is do what is right. We have specific procedures for encouraging students to maintain this general rule. When a student’s self discipline is lacking, teachers and principal have to exercise authority to generate appropriateness of behaviour among students.

We will not force a studen to participate in our program. When a student coomes to our school, he/she is given a choice to accept the entire program or to reject it. There is no middle road. If a student finds elements of the program unacceptable, then he/she may elect not to be here. It is poissible that if a student will refuse to cooperate with us and half-heartredly participates in the program, eventually the student will be dismissed from school (please refer to Dicscipline Chart)

Drug and illicit sex:

Any student guilty of drug use by testing positive on a drug test or by being witnessed using drugs will be immediately expelled with all school fees forfeited. If a student, teacher, or any member of staff witnesses a student using drugs or involved in any prohibited behaviour, it is the duty of that person to report immediately to the vice principal or principal. The witnessed event must be written down and signed by the witnesses. However, umless the account is attested to in a court of law, the name of the witnesses will remain secret. The school reserves the right to expel any student based on evidence it deems complete enough to do so. The above policy also applies to illicit sexual encounters.


If a studentis expelled from the school for whatever reason, that student may not come to the campus ever again unless invited by the principal for school business. All fees are forfeited.

Fighting and harming other people:

It is imperative that parents maintain and up to date emergency telephone number on file in the school office at all times. Parents will be notified in the event of their child’s injury or illness. Only emergency first-aid can be adminidtered at the school (student Healt Center). Students who have a contagious illness will not be permitted to remain in the school.


Work to be completed outside of class will be given for either practice or preparation. It is important that parents helps their children establish the habit of responsibility in completing and returning their homewrok assignments. In some classes, like English, homework is a major part of the final grade and completing it is very important.


All students may check out two books at s time for a duration of two weeks maximum. Students who fail to turn in books on time, will be charged a fine. If a book is lost, students must pay for the cost of purchasing the book which may include shipping and handling. All fines must be paid before any more books may be check out. Report cards will be withheld until fines are paid.


Lockers are school properties and must be treated with care.

Off Limit Access:

Students off all classes must respect the area dedicated to or in use by other classes. Students are ex[ected to follow their schedules and stay in the classroom areas during the school day except for the physical education (PE) class which will use play ground or any of the outdoor fields.

The parking lot is strictly off limit from the time the first bell rings until the students are dismissed. Other areas of off limits include: office, storage, security, cleaning service, gardening, and maintance rooms and areas, classroom, practice rooms and laboratories. When there is no teacher present, the room and any place that lacks teachers’ supervision is not scheduled for student use. The school ground and all facilities are off limits to non Kallista students after school hours, unless the student is involved in an organized sport team, club meeting, working in the library or if there is special school event.

Student caught in off limit areas will be disciplined according to the progressive discipline code and may face suspension.

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Kallista School views the education of the child as a joint venture between the school and the parents. Parents are encouraged to contact the teachers to follow up on their child’s progress but are asked to respect the teachers’ schedules. Please call the school office to set up a meeting or to arrange a time for the teacher to telephone you. At the end of each semester, teachers are particularly available to meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress. Please make use of this opportunity by seeing booth the home room teacher as well as the subject teacher responsible for your child’s education.

Student ID card:

Each student is issued a school ID card. Please carry it with you all the time. The card is important. Do not lend it to others and do not use the card of someone else. The card is also used for Library ID card.

School Fees:

School fees are due and payable every … of the month. A fine is given to late payer. The school deserves the right to hold students’ report card for the particular grading period until a fee is settled.


Telephone is available for students use during break and lunch time. Only emergency calls will be permitted from the office. Parfents messages received by the office will be passed on to the student. Parents are asked not to call their children during school time unless there is an emergency.


Parents are welcome to visit school. Please notify the school office before visit. All visitors regardless of the reason for their visit, must report to the principal before going to the classroom. Visitors are asked to wear a visitor badge while on campus.

Withdrawal from school:

Students leaving school during the school year must notify the office 2 weeks prior to their last day in school. All administration procedures must be completed and fees paid up to date before the school can release student’s report card.