Curriculum Overview

Sekolah Kallista’s Curriculum Overview

Sekolah Kallista is an SPK school (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama), otherwise known as an international school. Accredited ‘A’ by the National Accreditation Body, Sekolah Kallista has also been endorsed by the University of Cambridge to apply Cambridge International Curriculum, along with the national ‘Kurikulum 2013’ so that a combination will be able to produce graduates with international standards and skills, but still uphold local wisdom and identity.

In that regard, Kallista students will perform the National Examinations and have the opportunity to take international examinations in accordance with their respective levels.

Knowledge of the local values and nationality, as well as global competencies are the main purpose of the school to build future leaders with noble characters, achievements, and skills.

To realise these expectations, Sekolah Kallista has arranged a number of programmes implementing both the national ‘Kurikulum 2013’ and Cambridge. The programmes are listed as follows

1. Character Building Programme
2. Spiritual Development Programme
3. English as a Second Language (ESL)
4. Digital Open and Distance Learning System (SEAMOLEC)
5. Online Learning System (Edmodo)
6. SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad)
7. Inquiry Learning Process
8. Extracurricular activities/Clubs (music, art, and sport)
9. Academic/Non Academic School Competitions
10. Scouting
11. Excursion (Fieldtrip)
-Summer Camp
-Winter Camp