Discovering Cameron Highland and Ipoh Malaysia

Sekolah Kallista believes that the greatest opportunity for growth is in times of more challenging learnings and adventures.When we’re pushing our students to the limit they will discover what they are capable of and develop a deeper sense of character, self-esteem and social skills.

Our educational tour program is designed to engage students with exciting and challenging activities, to discover academic and cultural differences and to become globally aware of what other places can offer. This is a celebration of our students’ accomplishments!

Last October 14-17, 2019 the Upper Primary Department held its annual Educational Tour and this year the school chose Cameron Highland-Ipoh, Malaysia tour which is very new to them. The group was composing of fifty one students from Primary four to six and six teachers and admin staff. 

Sekolah Kallista believes that the greatest opportunity for growth is in times of more challenging learnings and adventures.

Cameron Highland in State of Pahang

Our itineraries were comprised of traveling to Cameron Highland in State of Pahang which is known for having a cooler climate and scenic hills. It is home to orchards, tea plantations, museums and gardens. 

Ipoh in State of Perak

Another place we visited was the district of Ipoh in State of Perak, which is known for interesting history as well as engaging venues such as street murals, towering limestone cliffs and caves.

Sekolah Kabangsaan Convent

The greatest parts of the trip were the community connections that were made. Students were able to explore different plantations such as vegetable and strawberry farms, tea farm and factory.  We were privileged to visit one of the schools in Cameron Highland, the Sekolah Kabangsaan Convent,Tanah Rata where their students and our students were able to interact and did cross-cultural activities. The heartfelt relationships between our school and SK Convent will be fostered a lifetime.

The 4-day program was busy and I felt we made good use of our time there and achieved a great balance between studying, enjoyment and rest, and I though this is what educational tour is all about.  

Personally, this gave our team insight that no book, social media, or individual travel could ever come close to. By the end of our journey, our students became more competent, more confident, and more compassionate young people who valued understanding different cultures and other countries could offer

Lastly, I wish to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU for all the parents who have supported and trusted our team for this Educational Tour a success, to our school administration headed by Ibu Janty, our enormous gratitude to you.  To my teammates, Tc. Rara, Tc. Jenny Grace, Tc, Sendro, Ms, Valen, Ms. Viani and children alike, we had a really enjoyable time in Malaysia and learned a lot. Sekolah Kabangsaan Convent, Tanah Rata involvement was hugely appreciated by our team and our students. Your warm welcome to our entourage was outstanding; we’re waiting for your school to visit our school soon.


Our students have gone home raving about their fantastic school trip.Preparing for the next.

By : Rodrigo S. Mendoza Jr.
Chief Coordinator, Student Activities and Services