Singapore Field Trip

Last October 21 2019, the class of Primary 1-3, together with some parents and teachers of Sekolah Kallista went on an Educational Fieldtrip to Singapore.  The day started early as everyone assembled at Batam Centre at 6 in the morning. The kids were divided into six groups with one teacher for each group.

Before the departure time, Ibu Megawati, principal of Kallista led a prayer and gave important reminders and announcements to the students. By 7.10 in the morning, the Majestic Ferry departed. Students had their breakfast in the ferry along with their guardians and teachers.

The ferry arrived at Singapore at 9.10 in the morning. From the port, everybody boarded on the buses and reached Kiztopia by 10.30. Kids watched a magic show and played various kinds of games. They also had lunch at Kiztopia by 12.00 noon and left for Garden by the Bay at 2 in the afternoon.  At Garden by the Bay, students, parents and teachers were divided into three groups with one tour guide for each group. Each group visited Flower Dome and Cloud Forest veiled in mist with diverse vegetation. Everybody explored the tropical highlands amidst orchids, pitcher plants and ferns from the cool- moist Tropical Montane region. All the groups encountered the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 30 metres and descended through the surreal mist-filled Cloud Walk and Tree Top Walk.

Along the way, each group posed for many photo opportunities. At 5 in the afternoon, the entire group assembled and waited for the bus to head back to Harbour Front.  Students and parents had their dinner at Harbour Front while the others managed to do a last minute shopping. By 6 in the afternoon, everyone checked- in and went back to Batam at 6.50 in the evening.



By : Rizzalene E. Francisco, BSEd

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