Kallistan Visited Kapal Republik Indonesia (KRI) Bima Suci

Last October 16, 2019, Primary 3 students of Sekolah Kallista had an amazing opportunity to visit Kapal Republik Indonesia (KRI) Bima Suci. Launched in 2017, Bima Suci is the Indonesian Navy’s newest and largest sail training ship with 36,200 sq. ft. of sails and a capacity for a crew of 200. The ship acts as a “floating ambassador” for Indonesia, paying courtesy visits to port and events around the world. Kallistans were thrilled to get to see the Indonesian Navy ship and meet its officers. With their hats on, water bottles and snacks ready, students eagerly rode the school bus. Upon arriving, they were greeted by navy officers manning the ship as well as students from several schools in Batam. The spectacular ship also displayed various flags which symbolizes the countries it had visited. Students waited patiently to board the ship. And when it was their turn to go up, they were all excited. They were able to go around the upper deck and got to see enormous ropes used for mooring and rigging. At the end of the trip, students bought some souvenirs to give and show to their friends and family. Indeed, learning happens everywhere and not just in the confines of the classroom. It was truly a meaningful experience!