Sekolah Kallista’s Winning Streak Continues

Sekolah Kallista’s Winning Streak Continues

Go National!!!

Sekolah Kallista kicked-off the opening of the academic year with huge delight.

Students, teaching and non-teaching staff gathered at the school’s lobby, enthusiastically greeted the school’s delegates from the recently concluded Festival dan Lomba Seni Siswa 2018 FLS2N (Provincial Level/National Student Art Festival and Competition held in Tanjung Pinang last July 31, 2018.

Our school is unstoppable from winning the Top Performance in District level, Division level, City-division level, and just last July 31, our school bagged the Top Performance in Provincial level to add yet another achievement.

Our delegates, headed by T. Rendy Saputra, school’s dance trainer, and with our three talented dancers, Esqi Wilaida Kusuma (Primary 5), Venessa Grasini Setiawan (Primary 5), and Elvira Dewi Kusuma (Primary 4), will be heading to Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung for the National level competition which will be held on August 26.

Tc. Rendy Saputra, said “When our group get to Nationals, I expect dances to have all the components necessary to complete the dance,” “Technique, performance, timing and execution are all things I expect to be higher at Nationals.”

“I am looking for a real emotional connection,” “I am always looking for the heart to be connected to the movement, I think that’s our edge to win,” adds T. Rendy.

Mr. Rodrigo S Mendoza, the Director of Student Activities and Services said, “Dance competition like this is not just about the trophies or medals, it is a highly rewarding and worthwhile activity for our students. It helps develop various fundamental skills in a child that will be useful in the long term, it boost their emotional strength, it increases high confidence for our students and it sets high standards for all the members of our community”

“My advice for our dancers, “There are ingredients to making a standout performance at National that matter even more: a heart, a mind, a body connection and passion, but most importantly, it’s about having a love for what you do”, Mr. Rod added.

Our school strives high to make every student’s experience extraordinary.

God Bless Kallista!