The Visiting Students From Hangzhou Aiyue Training School

Celebrating friendship between Sekolah Kallista, Batam, Indonesia and Hangzhou Aiyue Art Training School, Zhejiang, China.

A delegation of students from Hangzhou Aiyue Training School, led by Mr. Lim Herh Kim visited our school last February 26, 2018.

The group received a warm welcome by our school headed by our School Admin head Ibu Janty Agustijanty, school principals, Ibu Kasmida and Ibu Ruth, Chinese subject coordinator, Laoshi Wili and our dear students.

They got insights into the education system, culture and beliefs of our school and Indonesia as country. The students gave enchanting song performances such as Moon Race, Rolling in the Deep and City of Sky. The group also performed speech choir such as Captain, My Captain, Spring Breeze and Let the World Be Beautiful for Me.  In return, our students presented dance number performing Si Sulung, a traditional Indonesia Dance and teach the group with common Indonesian words.

Students were also asked why they thought learning about cultures of different countries is important, and many said it helps to create mutual understanding among students even they are far away from each other.  One student commented that “because we live in a divided world, and it’s important to know about each other.” Another student said “learning about new cultures help expand your horizons, and shows you the differences around the world leading to building strong relationships and lasting friendships.”

During their stay in Kallista they were also taken for short school tour to see our school facilities.

The activity concluded with the formal exchange of mementos led by Ibu Kasmida and Ms. Rao Xi.

Culture exchange program allows students from both schools to talk with confidence and knowledge about their culture.

Even a short visit can give us a good impression of the atmosphere of our school, the quality of learning and the relationship between between staff, teachers and students.

Culture exchange program is also a great educational and cultural opportunity for the students which would certainly help them in their academic and social development.